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  • DarK-SuN 11:19 AM on March 9, 2012 Permalink | Reply  

    PSO2 – PSO2 to also be released on the PS Vita! 

    According to the recent “PSVita Heaven” series of announcements by Sony, in the very first segment video we have Satoshi Sakai, the well known (and current) Phantasy Star producer with a Phantasy Star related announcement, which was none other than PSO2 for the Vita!

    To note that in the video it’s also shown the Vita version playing along side the PC version, with a team composed by 3 PC players and 1 Vita player.

    Exciting times for both PSO2 and the Vita, which considering the portable console’s ability to have its games updated and with new content added, unlike the PlayStation 2, it may end up not holding the game back at all and just resulting in a much larger community and market for the game, which can only mean good things!

    See you next update!

  • DarK-SuN 8:39 PM on December 31, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Happy New Year and a prosperous PSO2! 

    Happy New Year, everyone, and a prosperous PSO2!

    My new year resolution will be to update PSL once again, most likely with more of a focus on PSO2 than on the rest.

    See you next update!

  • MaRayearth 3:15 AM on July 30, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Hello there! 

    Hey there! I’m MaRayearth, former PSU and PSO (you could say) player, currently walking my online gaming path in Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity.  I will occasionally post about my progress in the game here in Dark’s blog, as a way to share the fun of this game with you, readers!

    Today, I’ll introduce my main character, MaRayearth, who is (and has always been) a Human Force .  In Infinity,  I’ve capped this character twice thanks to the Rebirth feature of the game. Next, you can see her stats at lv200 on both occasions. Quite a noticeable difference, huh? MaRayearth signing off… bye bye!

    Normal lv200

    "Reborn" lv200

    • DarK-SuN 4:16 AM on July 30, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Good first post! Hopefully with many more to come.

  • DarK-SuN 8:27 PM on May 30, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    PSP2I – Maximum Attack Infinity Comeback Campaign & Event! 

    The official website and the official blog were updated with information about Maximum Attack Infinity and its Comeback Campaign!

    Here’s a few bullet points about what to expect from the event:
    type points, drop rates and experience rates doubled
    -monsters will be extremely aggressive, but with slightly lowered strength
    if players are incapacitated during regular mission areas, the mission will not result in failure; Hyuga and others are there to assist, this way players of any skill level can enjoy the event
    -mission rank, however, will decrease the more players are incapacitated
    if everyone’s incapacitated in a boss fight, however, the mission will fail
    -each mission has a special block that will be unlocked depending on the kill count
    -after a mission’s boss, there’s the chance of obtaining access to a rare block leading to unknown enemies
    after the event, if several kill count objectives are met, the reward weapons can have elemental atributes up to 100%
    -tickets obtained through the event missions can be exchanged for items at the “Maximum Attack Infinity Clearing House”
    -you can obtain “that man”‘s partner card in this event

    Reward Weapon List:

    God Hand (knuckles)

    Esperanza (twin saber)

    Giga Phone (machine gun)

    Komazli Rod (rod)

    Other weapons that can be found as drops during this event:

    Dark Flow (sword)

    ??? (knuckles)

    Comeback Campaign details:

    Rapiko will be the one giving you your Comeback Campaign rewards!

    -everyone who downloads the mission during the event period will get special gifts
    two “Extend Code” and two “Extend Code Infinity” will be given to players
    this reward is per account and not per character

    Stay tuned!

  • DarK-SuN 5:12 AM on May 28, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    PSP2I – Servers are now back up along with the Japanese PSN! 

    Just like the title says, the Infinity servers are now back up!

    Stay tuned for more news shortly, since it’s definitely expected that Sakai and/or Captain T make a blog post about the previously delayed Maximum Attack Infinity event and detail its changes!

  • DarK-SuN 11:00 PM on May 27, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    PSU JP – Content update for June 2 

    June 2 Update Official Website Article

    Budding Special Week

    • From June 2 through June 16, enjoy boosted EXP and drop rates at the Neudaiz mission Misty Ruins!

    Maximum Attack Infinity event rewards

    • The following rewards earned during Maximum Attack Infinity will run from June 2 through June 16:
    • Half-priced clothes and parts
    • Free Lumilass
    • 10x daily Vol Coin allowance
    • PA EXP boost
    • 2x AMP payout for extra and 1st stage GAMs
    • Other rewards will be distributed at a later date.

    Seasonal events

    • Wedding lobbies will be up from June 2 through June 16.

    New mission

    • Ohtori Encampment C-S3 (GAM, extra stage) will be added! After clearing the mission once, extra conditions will be added to increase the challenge.
    • Your first time through, the only restrictions are no blast gauges (beasts only) and no SUV weapon gauges (CASTs only).
    • Your second and all subsequent plays of this mission will feature the blast gauge restrictions, but will also disallow Scape Dolls and will remove anyone from the mission who is incapacitated.

    Mission updates

    • A permanent version of the event mission Falling Sky Park will be added.
    • Some clear box drops will be changed in Misty Ruins C-S3.

    New field and BGM

    • Ohtori Castle (and its unique background music) will be added.

    System updates

    • The set bonus effects with Red Line will be adjusted.

    Item updates

    • New items will be added including Red Saber (saber) and Freundschaft (twin handguns).
    • A new SUV weapon, Meteor Drive, will be added.
    • For the duration of the wedding lobbies, Wedding Cake will be on sale at the Variety Shop.
    • Casino rotation.

    Translations and info courtesy of EspioKaos, thank you very much!

  • DarK-SuN 6:06 PM on April 28, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    PSO2 & PSP2I – PSO2 english trailer & Maximum Attack Infinity changes! [Updated] 

    The official Phantasy Star Online 2 website was updated with a clearer preview trailer!
    Also, if you head to Ricardo’s PSU Blog you can see a version of the trailer shown by Sakai at a Nico Nico interview, but in ENGLISH! Speculation abounds about what this could potentially mean.

    The Maximum Attack Infinity’s PSP2I event website was updated saying that the “cross cooperation” with PSU’s Japanese servers aspect was cancelled due to the PSN’s outtage.
    As a result, the PSP side of the event will suffer some changes to the reward weapons and other tidibits, with details to be released at a later date.

    Update: Uploaded the PSO2 trailer in higher quality and english subtitles!

    Stay tuned!

  • DarK-SuN 7:50 AM on April 24, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    PSO2 – Phantasy Star Thanks Festa PSO2 teaser! [Updated + Video] 

    During the Thanks Festa being broadcast through Nico Nico, Sakai gave a very nice PSO2 teaser, a teaser with gameplay footage.
    I’m gonna type in what I saw in that, roughly, 3 to 4 minute long footage, and will add a video link once one pops up.
    Update: video at the bottom of the article!

    -forest like area, similar to PSO Forest, but considerably more lush and vibrant
    -character design was similar to what we currently have in PSU/PSP2/Infinity, but with a slight more “PSO flavor”
    -combat system apparently was MASSIVELY overhauled, there’s JUMPING now
    -at a glance, the combat system can be described as the offspring of “PSP2 Infinity” and “God Eater Burst” with sprinkles of “Shining Force Cross” all over it
    -ground combos leading into aerial combos was seen in a few parts of the videos, reminiscent of what we see in “God Eater Burst” and “Shining Force Cross”
    -ranged/gun combat is completely different, you can move, aim and shoot at the same time in a view similar to “above the shoulder” but slightly more zoomed out (at least for the ranged weapon/gun shown in the video, others may behave differently)
    -weapon was shown sheathed on the character’s back in a few scenes (can weapons be put away now? or is it just how they appear outside combat areas?)

    More as I watch the video a few more times!

    Update 1:
    4gamer has some very clear shots of PSO2!
    Too many to post, just go go go!

    Also, Ricardo from the PSUBlog made a post showing several screencaps from the footage!
    Go check it out!

    Update 2:

    The video!!! Enjoy!

  • DarK-SuN 7:11 PM on April 18, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    PSP2I & PSU JP – Maximum Attack Infinity! 

    Sonic Team finally unveiled some initial details about this cross-platform event between the Japanese PSU (now PC only) and PSP2 Infinity! The event will run from April 25 through May 23.
    The following post will be a collection of information provided by both EspioKaos and Mike from PSO-World about both participating versions in this event, thank you very much!

    Official overall event site
    Official PSP2 Infinity event site
    Official PSU event site

    Little Wing’s (PSP2I) Event Story
    Skyclad once built a test colony called Clad 0. The colony, being abandoned to the edges of the solar system afer it’s purpose was completed, has reappeared in the Gurhal system and is headed straight for the middle of the sun. If it reaches the sun, Clad 0 will explode, taking the sun with it, and turn the Gurhal system in to a sea of death.
    According to a GRM investigation, the propulsion reactors are currently being powered by a mysertious space in the colony’s city. The only way to stop Clad 0 is to enter the space and defeat the monsters that are it’s source of power.
    There are only 28 days until Clad 0 reaches the sun. Men and women of Little Wing, the solar system has been entrusted to you.

    Little Wing’s Event Details

    • MAI 1 will take place in the Relics that ends with a fight against the Dila Bravas.
    • MAI 2 will take place on Ragol with Olga Flow as the boss.
    • The exchange mission will work like the previous Maximum Attacks: Earn tickets, trade tickets.
    • Also like the previous MAX event, bonus areas will be opened after the target number of kills has been reached.
    • The main prize weapons will be able to obtain an elemental percentage of up to 100%. Yowza.
    • There are Rapico wings hidden throughout the missions. Collect them for and you might get something nice.
    • EXP x 2, TP x 2, 200% drop rate
    • Internet Multimode only

    GUARDIANS’ (PSU) Event Story
    Incredible damage has been suffered across Gurhal due to the SEED attacks. But the damage is not limited to the planets, as surrounding space colonies have suffered similar fates. In order to help with reconstructing damaged colonies, construction has begun on the experimental warship “Clad 0.”

    Engineered by Sky Clad’s top designer, this warship is based on AMF battleships; its construction is supported by many prominent Parum corporations such as Inhelt Co. and GRM.

    A wide array of equipment was transported to Clad 0 in order to build a new VR training program for private use, based on AMF and GUARDIANS battle simulators.

    After everything was in place, the main switch was thrown, and… the VR program successfully started!
    However, for some reason Clad 0 soon began to lose control, and gradually began to fall out of orbit, threatening to collide with other colonies being rebuilt in the vicinity… The program which has corrupted the operating system causing it to run out of control must be identified! So, in order to avert disastrous collisions, the GUARDIANS have initiated “Operation: Sky Park Levitation!”

    GUARDIANS’ Event Features

    • New fields! As the event’s enemy kill count rises, new fields such as the seabed plant and mysterious ruins sites will be opened!
    • Special multipliers! Special multipliers will be in place, boosting EXP payout and item drop rates. Perfect for raising your character and hunting down brand new items!
    • Various event rewards! All participants will be eligible to receive four special weapon rewards! And aside from the usual kill count rewards, you can earn points from your individual enemy kills to go toward even more item exchanges!

    GUARDIANS’ Event Missions
    Falling Sky Park (prologue mission)
    We seem to be stuck in a little bit of a problem. Would you be able to lend me a hand?
    Hyuga Ryght

    Ark to the Future (main mission)
    The VR program of Clad 0 suddenly went out of control, and now many strange phenomena have began occurring inside the ship! Protect the colony!

    6P Mission Standby (recruiting mission)
    An event-exclusive standby area. Meet up with new party members here.

    As news came in that Clad 0’s programming was out of control, the G. Colony’s Resident Security Department geared up to lend a hand. Many new items have been added to the exchange counter to help with the crisis at hand!

    GUARDIANS’ Event Rewards

    • Cross-linked panel rewards between the PSU version of the event and the PSP2i version will determine the four weapon rewards eared after the end of the event. The abilities of the TECHNIC and ranged weapon rewards will be indicated on their respective panels; striking weapon reward panels will show their attribute rate. After the event ends, you will be able to choose one element for striking weapons at an exchange mission where you will collect your weapon.
    • Kill count panels will be used, as with many previous events. As you and your party rack up enemy kills, totals will be added to the overall tally, unlocking new panel rewards as the event progresses. Certain rewards will be implemented immediately while others will be issued after the end of the event.
    • Individuals will earn points based on the number of enemies they have killed. These points can then be used to trade in toward items in the event prologue mission.

    Divine Staff Amaterasu (100% of a chosen element)

    Stay tuned!

  • DarK-SuN 6:06 AM on April 12, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    PSP2I – New Evangelion vision-phone passcodes released! 

    According to the official website, 6 new vision-phone passcodes related with the Neon Genesis Evangelion collaboration were released!

    School Outfit Shinji

    Outfit: 2302 8610
    Parts: 2302 8611

    School Outfit Rei

    Outfit: 1539 4200
    Parts: 1539 4201

    School Outfit Mari

    Outfit: 8154 8430
    Parts: 8154 8431

    Stay tuned!

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